Why is it so important to choose a celebrant for a funeral?

Choosing a celebrant for the funeral is an important decision. The celebrant will play an integral role in the funeral in many ways.

I can help organise a unique and benefitting service which reflects your dearly departed's beliefs, spirit and values. 

I can ask as a voice for you and your family to share your stories and convey the love and affection you all have for your dearly departed.

I am a great listener, I am here to understand what you want and what you think is best for the service and offer support throughout this difficult time.

Most importantly, funerals can be an extremely emotional day, I am there to offer calm and clarity so you don't have to, if you aren't able to. This will take significant pressure off you.

I find  ‘comfort’ is important – a good funeral ceremony will bring comfort to the bereaved. The very best funerals are those at which people say ‘Wouldn’t [the deceased] have loved that?’ If you get to the end of the funeral feeling that it has been a helpful experience, then I will have done a good job. A well-constructed funeral ceremony does not try to deny the pain of death but finds a way to make it less unbearable.

A good funeral ceremony, conducted by a celebrant with compassion, understanding, diplomacy and just the right amount of what I can only call ‘showmanship’, will leave you at peace with the world and feeling that you have started that essential journey from grief and pain towards healing and acceptance.

This is what I can do for you and your family.